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Smart Generation has been the benchmark in Europe for buying and selling refurbished electronic devices for 8 years.
Choose from iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Watch, accessories, and consoles.

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We give used products a second chance.

Smart Generation was among the first companies in Italy to operate in the circular economy.
Since 2015, more than 200,000 devices have been reconditioned and distributed throughout Europe at the best market prices.
The company has been honored by Il Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica every year from 2019 to 2023 as one of Italy's best e-commerce in consumer electronics.

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"Accustomed to Apple products, I have found that buying here, allows me to upgrade to newer devices, saving money, but most importantly, respecting the environment. Helpful and knowledgeable staff."

Fantastic company!

"Professional and very kind, attentive to all customer needs at all stages including after sales. i have been buying from them for a couple of years with incredible convenience on phone/computer products."

Perfect shipping

"The phone is as we expected it to be. Practically new. For the time being, and I think for many years to come, everything is fully functional. I think we will use your services again. Thank you."

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Make quick money by selling your used goods

We buy your used products and give them a second chance. We offer the highest ratings on the used market. Choose whether to receive payment or a voucher to purchase one of our Refurbished.

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Express repairs on Apple and consoles

The motherboard interventions and hard-to-solve problems are our bread and butter. We pick up and return to your doorstep with 48 hours express courier And you can quickly resume your activities.

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Smart Generation® warranty extension to 24 months

Are you not satisfied with the standard warranty of 12 months? Double its duration. Remember that the service can only be activated if purchased at the same time as the Reconditioned product you have chosen.

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RAM and SSD upgrades and hardware upgrades

You have a Mac slow And wish to speed it up? Increase its performance by up to 400% by performing a RAM and SSD upgrade. For each upgrade we will give you the entire Reconditioning process.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We are now among the leading companies in Europe in the acquisition, refurbishment and resale of used Apple devices, keeping their quality high and their functions unchanged.

Since 2015, we have reconditioned hundreds of thousands of end-of-operating-hire, end-of-lease, or end-of-display devices that were used by a single previous owner and then put back on the market by factories contracted directly with Apple™.

Given the high availability of products and numerous agreements with top international suppliers, we guarantee the best online prices on any device for sale on our e-commerce. The savings are tangible, and can be up to 70% compared to official list prices.

Every device on our website is physically available in our Italian warehouse, has been totally Reconditioned and is ready to be shipped.

For shipping, we rely on the DHL courier service, which enables fast delivery times to every country in the European Union.

In the present case, every order correctly issued on our website by 12:30 pm is processed the same day and delivered throughout Italy within 3 working days (excluding remote areas), and in the rest of Europe within 4 working days.

The shipment is always accompanied by a tracking code so that you are aware of the status of the delivery in real time.

The philosophy of companies such as ours is precisely to eliminate the planned obsolescence of large manufacturers, increasing the longevity of each device for sale by allowing it to be used over time and without hiccups.

On the hardware side, every Mac is overhauled in every part, and our company takes care of replacing any components worn out by time, during the so-called "Reconditioning Process" carried out by our specialized AASP® technicians.

Because of these interventions, it has therefore become possible to purchase models with a few years behind them without having the fear that they may be inefficient or not complementary to one's use.

Each Mac can last up to 15 years (from its manufacture) before being discontinued from the market; this allows "modern" users to significantly cut the cost of new by purchasing a reconditioned model even with 6-7 years of life.

We offer the option to withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of receiving the device, regardless of the reason.

However, in the case of returns for a so-called "afterthought," i.e., for a reason not dependent on the company's negligence, the shipping of the item will be borne by the buyer and there will be a deduction of the costs incurred that cannot be recovered.

Find out more in the section "Returns" .

Scalapay, our main partner for deferred payments, offers the option of dividing the cost of the product into 3 convenient monthly installments with no interest and no income proof.

The maximum amount that can be financed is 2,000.00€ and most common credit cards (including American Express), debit and (only in some cases) prepaid cards are accepted.

Simply select Scalapay among the payment methods available in the purchase procedure on our website and in just 2 minutes your order will be validated after entering your personal and card details.

The amount of the first installment must be settled immediately, and subsequent installments will be charged 30 days apart.

For more information you can reach a Smart Generation® consultant by phone at +39 0902937812.

- International keyboards are the most similar to Italian keyboards; alphabetic and numeric characters are placed in the same order. The only more "obvious" difference relates to accented characters. They are in fact not natively placed on the keyboard, but can be typed by pressing the key you wish to accent longer.

Example: to type the letter "À" just hold down the letter "A" for a long time. Accent selection will automatically appear on the screen (kind of like on iPhone and iPad).

- Swedish/German/Spanish keyboards are almost identical to Italian, again the major difference is on the accented characters. In this case we provide a professional kit of stickers that will totally transform the keyboard into Italian, so there will be no difference at all from domestic keyboards.

Italian keyboard conversion kits can be purchased for only $8.99, directly from the site's category "Accessories of other brands".

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