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Sell your used XBOX online

We buy all used XBOXes, from the 360 to the recent Series X.
We pay in as little as 2 days via bank transfer or PayPal.

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To sell us your new or used XBOX now, simply fill out the form below.

We will provide you with a detailed evaluation within 24 hours of your request, and once approved by you, we will pick up the console at our expense by insured courier.

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We at Smart Generation® value your opinion. It is important for us to know the amount you wish to get from the transfer of your device as it will be helpful for us to try to accommodate you.
If you do not know the value or do not want to let us know, please ignore the field.
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From a smartphone or tablet you can also take them by clicking the box. Requests without photos will receive a less accurate evaluation.
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Terms of sale

Insight into the service

  1. Initial Appraisal: When you send us your appraisal request through our website, we will provide you with an initial estimate based on your used product information. It is quick and easy, and you will receive our pre-appraisal proposal in a short time.

  2. Confirmation and Pickup: If you are satisfied with our pre-assessment, we will send you a link to book a free pickup of your product with a DHL courier. This step is paid for by Smart Generation to ensure you receive convenient and worry-free service.

  3. Technical Analysis: As soon as your product arrives at our offices, our technical experts will carefully examine it within 24 hours. This allows us to ensure that the evaluation is accurate and that you receive the right value for your used item.

  4. Documentation and Sale: On the business day following the analysis, we will contact you to finalize the details. Completing the necessary documents is a critical step in finalizing the sale or trade-in in a safe and transparent manner.

  5. Payment: And finally, once everything is confirmed and the documents are in order, we will proceed with payment. You will receive the bank transfer or PayPal payment within the next 24 business hours, so you can enjoy your fee right away.

  1. Re-evaluation: If the product we receive does not match the stated condition or has different technical details, don't worry. Our purchasing department will contact you to discuss a re-evaluation of the product. We are honest and flexible, and are committed to offering you a fair value based on the actual condition of your used item.

  2. Accept or Reject: We present you with the new proposed value, and the decision is in your hands: you can accept or reject it. Our priority is to ensure transparency and satisfaction, giving you fair and beneficial options unlike others who may not be so accommodating.

  3. Return Policy: In case you decide not to accept our new evaluation, you will be responsible for returning the product. This approach allows us to be fair to all our customers and to maintain high quality service. Your satisfaction remains our primary mission under all circumstances.

  1. Shipping Costs: If the product we receive does not match the description provided and you decide not to accept the re-evaluation, we will take care of shipping the device back to you. We will only charge you shipping costs, both for sending and returning the product, with no hidden costs.

  2. No Additional Cost: Unlike others, we believe in total transparency. Therefore, we will not charge you for new packaging or for the time our team spent on your product. Our commitment is to offer you quality service while keeping our costs clear and fair.

  3. Cost Summary: For complete transparency, you can view the shipping cost summary directly on our website on page Terms and Conditions of Sale.. Here you will find details of what you may be charged, with no surprises.