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Think green, choose Smart Generation !

The philosophy we love about the Refurbished product is its reuse.
Giving devices a new life actually greatly reduces environmental impact by minimizing waste.


Both the production cycle and the amount of non-recyclable technological waste brings significant environmental impact. Indeed, PCs and smartphones in particular are becoming among the most environmentally damaging products precisely because, moving quickly from one model to a more up-to-date version disproportionately increases the amount of emissions produced in their manufacture and waste at the end of the product's life cycle.


So today, choosing a Reconditioned product allows you to do good for the planet and, let's face it, good for your finances as well.


A Regenerated device is, in fact, an electronic item that can be put back up for sale "as new": these are PCs, monitors, tablets, and smartphones that undergo a Reconditioning process and are restored to their factory state by replacing their worn components.


Regenerating a product means restoring it to its original state through a careful process that ensures its perfect reliability while keeping its functionality intact.


Those who choose a Refurbished, not only respect the environment, but will benefit more economically than the same product at the market price, saving up to 70%, depending on the newness of the chosen model.


Not only that, all refurbished products are covered by warranty just like new ones.


In short, choosing a refurbished product is an ethical choice that combines buying cutting-edge technology while respecting the environment.

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