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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down, what happened?

On October 04, 2021 at about 5:30 p.m., Mark Zuckerberg's ecosystem goes down.

Millions of people around the world were no longer able to use the instant messaging app WhatsApp and also Messenger closely related to the social network Facebook which could be accessed from the app, but not from the website, but without being able to see updated content, like posts, comment, share or publish content of any kind.


The instant social in name and in fact, Instagram, has also given its problems, not allowing users to post and view stories and recent content.


On Twitter, unaffected by the blockade, hashtags went crazy within minutes #instagramdown, #facebookdown e #whatsappdown, which reaching more than 100 thousand tweets have conquered the top of trending topics.


The "social break" lasted more than 6 hours, the longest ever encountered, considering that those previously recorded never exceeded an hour down.


But what happened?

It would appear that the blockage was due to an issue related to DNS (Domain Name System), a tool that allows website domains to communicate with IP addresses, translating the former into numerical codes as the latter are, thus allowing various browsers to access the website.


The long pause has, therefore, led millions of users to comment with funny memes and gifs about the incident on the still active social networks, specifically Twitter and Telegram.


Instead, many have opted for the "old methods," the good and "expensive" SMS, which are no longer provided in many phone subscription plans, for which they are provided only on a pay-as-you-go basis.


A long hiatus that has led many to find an alternative digital solution and others "old school" to go back to the basics, when the devices you carried with you all the time and simply called them "cell phones" before their technology evolved to become "smartphones."


But today is another day and everything is back to normal, social networks are still part of our days and we at Smart Generation, provide you with a whole catalog of Refurbished devices that allow you to "always" connect to them... or ALMOST 😉

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