AngoLab's review of our Refurbished -

AngoLab's review of our Reconditioned

Ango Lab meets Smart Generation!

We have been following Lorenzo Angotzi since his beginnings with HDBlog, today we are fans of his highly followed Youtube channel known for videos on tech gadgets, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and anything that has a bit of electronics in it.

We got into it too!

In fact, AngoLab video reviewed its purchasing experience with Smart Generation, specifically testing one of our MacBook Pro 16 2019 Refurbished with Intel processor and compared it to its MacBook Air with M1 processor.

Will he have made the right choice?

We do not anticipate the ending, instead we take this opportunity to thank Ango Lab again for the thorough review and leave its followers and our users with a small gift:

A dedicated discount code on our entire catalog.

Just enter promo code ANGOLAB5 during checkout to get 5% off immediately.

Happy viewing from Smart Generation!

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