Smart Generation serves your business, read more. - Smart Generation

Smart Generation serves your business, read more.

Smart Generation® is always available to professionals and businesses engaged in choosing the best solutions for purchasing the Apple Refurbished. Our team will guide you in choosing devices with the features and performance best suited to your business needs, within your budget.


Choosing Apple Reconditioned Smart Generation will guarantee you devices with outstanding performance at amazing prices. In fact, buying on Smart Generation allows you to have high-performance machines and save up to 70% with guaranteed, quality products. All our Reconditioned come with a 12-month warranty extendable up to 24 months.


What's more, if you already own one or more Apple devices, we offer you the opportunity to get additional savings by permuting it or selling it to us.


Choosing to resell in your own business Refurbished devices in addition to making the service offered to your customers complete in all its nuances, will allow you to actively contribute to helping our Planet, through the reduction of WEEE (electronic waste) emissions.


Choose Smart Generation for your business, optimize your budget with high quality products and make a green choice!


Contact us for your customized quote, Smart Generation serves your business.

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